Does local recording need Jibri instance?

I’m quite new to Jitsi and any guidance would be kind enough…

I’m building LMS for a client for coding class as 1 To 1 teaching or 1 To N.

If We use Jibri, how many simultaneous recording instances of Jibri Can be created on 2Core / 4gb ram server.

For local recording, I went through a recent post about local recording here feat(local-video-recording) Allow users to record the meeting locally by robertpin · Pull Request #11338 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub.

In discussion it seems that it is just pushed to the latest version.

So if I enable the same configuration; and the user records the session; is the recording stored to the same server on which I am hosting Jitsi Meet or is it stored locally on user browser with only his own audio/video.

If not what other open-source options do we have, what are cost efficient too. They have over 80 students at the moment.

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Local recording is client-based - meaning, it happens on the browser. The recording is saved locally to the client, but it’s a recording of the meeting as seen on the screen of the person recording, not just their own audio/video. So, if the person activates Tile view, for instance, then the recording captures all the participants in tile view. Think of it like screen recording. It’s not saved on the browser.

Local recording is our best bet. I haven’t tried it yet, but my guess is, the recording quality won’t be consistent as in Jibri (because it depends entirely on the capability of the user’s machine). For cost-efficiency though, it’s certainly the better option.

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Thanks for explanation and time, yes it does sound the best solution for cutting the cost.
Do you think its possible to get the info about that file/recording on clients machine when completed; through js or jitsi api, so i will setup a post completion script to upload that it through ftp to user dir?


Once the local recording is finished you’ll get the file as a regular file download. You can then upload it wherever you want, but there is no automated way to do that.

@saghul hello

we agree that the local recording it’s just registering the current person, i.e. if someone else shares his screen we can’t have him in the record file

No. That’s not how it works. Here is the current UI:

By default it just records what the person that started the recorder is seeing. Unless you toggle the second switch, in which case it just records the local user.

haw can i use local recording, there are a setup ?

It’s currently only available on unstable releases. It will be part of the next stable release.

On (by API Iframe) is it possible to have local recording and disable dropbox recording?

This setting doesn’t work:

recordingService: {
    enabled: false,
    sharingEnabled: false,
    hideStorageWarning: false

This is now possible in unstable. I don’t think it’s been pushed to yet.

Correct, it’s not.

Hello @saghul, is it still the case, I have installed and uncommented // localRecording: in jitsi config. But still cant see any option to record through UI. I have installed 2.0.7648.
If its not that how can I proceed with unstable release.
Thanks & appreciate your time.

Try that

localRecording: {
   disable: false,
   notifyAllParticipants: false,
   disableSelfRecording: false,
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Thanks @Jose_Luis_Andrade. I have un-commented all of those lines too. Restarted the services & then the OS itself also. Am I missing anything or missing it in the UI. Feeling like a noob!

Verifies that recording is present in the toolbarButtons and that you use Google Chrome

toolbarButtons: [
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Indeed its working in Chrome. Thanks for your time really appreciate the community, helping out here. :heart: