Does lib jitsi meet work on a webView in react-native?

We have handled all the connections using lib-jitsi-meet in our web (react code) and have tried to deploy it in the form of link in our react native webView.

I’m stuck with integration a test Jitsi url hosted on our server in iOS, it works fine on Android by giving Camera and Mic permissions but I’m getting a screen which says ‘Browser Not Supported’ .

Please help me out here!

test device > iPhone 12 mini
ios version >. 15.4.1
react native version > 0.66.0
tried using hermes (0.9.0) but still no help

android >

ios >

(Not able to See the “Launch in Web” button )

Are there any noticeable issues with implementing the existing lib-jitsi-meet setup on react in a webView on react native ? Any performance issues or anything ? Please let me know …

Is there any other alternative to this approach ?
I want to use the connections and listeners written in the web code for Mobile …