Does lib jitsi meet support blur background?

I found blur my background (beta) feature on

Does lib jitsi meet support blur background? How can I enable it?

The blur is implemented in jitsi-meet, there was recently an update improving performance feat(blur) replace BodyPix with TFLite · jitsi/jitsi-meet@946339a · GitHub

I am using the self-hosting Jitsi-Meet server , it also has blur my background (beta) feature like . On client side, I am using lib jitsi meet , I hope there is an button can enable/disable blur my background (beta) like, but I didn’t find any api on API Doc about blur.

Does I only need to update the code on the Jitsi-Meet server to use the new features?

Yes, it is in the latest unstable.

after updating code on server, how to enable the blur background from lib jitsi meet on client side? I noticed RTC.js#L41 has a options parameter, Should I modify the parameters here?

I want to enable blur background with lib jitsi meet, I saw jitsi-meet/JitsiStreamBlurEffect.js at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub ,but still don’t know how to enable blur background. I know JitsiTrack.setEffect( effect ) ,what is the effect specific?

Did you get any workaround for this feature? I also want to know if lib-jitsi-meet supports background blur

I haven’t implemented this feature, lib-jitsi-meet supports background blur, but it’s too complicated to implement it by myself.

Are there any news how to blur background with lib-jitsi-meet or with setEffect method?

If you know react code, maybe the links can help you,

I failed to implement this feature with angular though…