Does Jitsi work with Ecamm Live?

Hello all! Apologies for the tech-newbie question, but does anyone know if Jitsi works with Ecamm Live? The latter is a livestreaming platform that I am currently able to use with Zoom, Periscope, Skype and FB Live by selecting Ecamm’s “Virtual Cam” as the camera. I cannot use Ecamm Live with Instagram because the latter has a closed API. I don’t really know what the latter means exactly, but I’m hoping that Jitsi does NOT fall into this category…?

I’ve tried searching online but confess I don’t really understand some of the tech talk. There’s mention of having to use a plugin or something-or-other.

I’m asking because I’ve recently joined a new service that connects children’s book authors and illustrators with families, and just found out that the video service being used is Jitsu.

Thanks in advance for any advice!