Does Jitsi work with Ecamm Live?

Hello all! Apologies for the tech-newbie question, but does anyone know if Jitsi works with Ecamm Live? The latter is a livestreaming platform that I am currently able to use with Zoom, Periscope, Skype and FB Live by selecting Ecamm’s “Virtual Cam” as the camera. I cannot use Ecamm Live with Instagram because the latter has a closed API. I don’t really know what the latter means exactly, but I’m hoping that Jitsi does NOT fall into this category…?

I’ve tried searching online but confess I don’t really understand some of the tech talk. There’s mention of having to use a plugin or something-or-other.

I’m asking because I’ve recently joined a new service that connects children’s book authors and illustrators with families, and just found out that the video service being used is Jitsu.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Hi and welcome.

Jitsi will work with any camera that the browser can detect. If that camera is used in the browser it will work with Jitsi.