Does jitsi support multi tenant?

does jitsi support multi tenant ? I don’t see it in the feature list.
we will deploy a jitsi for company. we have lots of department so we want to enable the multi tenant feature on jitsi. e.g. department A create a video conference. only the member in department A can visit it. other department cannot enter it.

Yes this is possible when using jwt tokens, you can close your deployment to be used only with correct jwt, and generate jwt with correct tenants and the deployment can be easily configured to be like and this is respected in all jwt code and all components, we are already using that for production deployments.


can you send a URL to jwt project ?

What do you mean by jwt project?

sorry I am new to jitsi.

jwt is a feature of jitsi ?

Here is more to read:

JWT is away to authenticate to jitsi-meet service, where you already have another APP/another PATH of authentication.
Basically to be able to embed jitsi-meet services to your needs in your other app or services.

thanks for the information!!!