Does Jitsi show your phone number to participants?

If you use it on android and host or join a meeting is your phone number hidden or it can be seen by other ?

No, your phone number will not be accessed or displayed in any way.

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We don’t ask for a phone number nor we request the permission to read it. We simply don’t have access to it because we don’t have a use for it.

Any way to change or not display landline numbers that call in?

Patch Jigasi to use something else for its display name. The function is here:

We don’t currently have a setting for this.

As far as I know, your phone number should not be visible to other participants when using the app on Android. Jitsi is designed to protect users’ privacy and keep their personal information hidden so you can join or host meetings without revealing your phone number. If you are still concerned about it, create another account using a fake number and free sms verification. Then nobody will get your number.

We don’t even know your phone number.