Does Jitsi send or receive data if there's only one person in the room?

As the title says. I’m wondering if someone who is waiting in a room alone, are they sending or receiving any video streams? Ideally I’d wait in the room for some number or minutes or hours and only start sending or receiving video and audio when a second person joins.

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I connected to an empty conference on my Jitsi (which is easy since I’m the only one that can create a conference) and then while sitting there I took a look at iftop. I did this on the virtual console right on the VM so I wouldn’t be seeing ssh activity between the server and my desktop.

Other than the occasional blip of activity, there did not seem to be a stream of data going to the server; so no; if you’re sitting in an empty conference room with no one there, there doesn’t seem to be a significant amount of bandwidth…you’re not sending full A/V to an empty room.

Nope, there is no media flowing. If you was in a conference and you are left alone, you can be streaming for another 20 seconds while the session timeouts and the media is stopped.

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