Does Jitsi record user information?

Hi Everyone!

I would like to know if Jisti record information from user community?

I am asking this because we afraid for a leaks or bad usage of this information.


I think the answer is basically no, but I can’t say for sure (as a fellow user). The discussion here might help answer your question:

Can you clarify what information do you mean? And for what product?

If you are asking about deployment, no personal information is gathered. Personal stuff like email or display name are stored locally in the browser localstorage.
We of course gather analytics, what button is clicked and so on, also media stats for the calls, bandwidth used, packet loss and such. All the analytics and stats are gathered in order to help us improve the service and catch bugs.

Hello @damencho! Thanks for the answer and transparency.

My question was about

So the traffic information for example: A company doing a daily meeting.

All the meeting information occuring in this meeting like conversation are storage in someway or just the meet infrastructure conditions?

Is there any kind of cryptograph between the endpoint and the host server?

Thanks for all attention!

There is no storage or anything. Any meeting information is destroyed once the last person leaves. The things that stay are all analytics and media stats.

Yes, about the media path this is a standard connection using the webrtc API and its standard media encryption SRTP there are multiple articles you can find about webrtc security, the signaling path goes over https.