Does Jitsi provide server for video conferencing APIs

We are educational technology startup and we are planning for online tutoring platform feature inside our app. We need to know if Jitsi have plans like wowza where we can use its servers. If yes, Please let me know. If not can you tell us the alternatives

Hey @Harshpal_Khurana and welcome.
You can always use, it is free to use. There are some restrictions though, which you need to consider, whether those are ok for your usecase. Recordings are 1 hour long, dialing-out is limited to 2 minutes, you should keep and show jitsi watermark logo on the video screen.

True, but we want jitsi to be working inside our portal and app and there should be no third party installations. We are ok with the restrictions you have mentioned, we just want to know if we use Jitsi API, will it use our server or Jitsi Server? Because we are startup and we don’t want to incur large expenses on buying a huge server for now.

Depends on you. So use then. The examples load it from and use that deployment.

@damencho like now I see that when I open the jitsi meet on phone it asks me to install app , we don’t want our users to install jitsi app. We want it to there inside our app. And I really didnt understood ur above reply

Then you need to use the SDK to embed jitsi-meet in your app.

What I meant above is, you can freely use

@damencho can you help us with that or direct us to a URL where we can get detailed documentation

This is the web part:
And the mobile readme:

Excuse me, is there any relevant development API documentation? As a developer, I want to know the feasibility of its secondary development. Looking forward to your reply

@tuenli there is and pasted in my previous post here ^

Thank you for your answer. Maybe I didn’t express it properly. I would like to ask if there is any API related to the docking of jitsi-meet-web project with streaming media server besides the above web API documentation

There is jitsi-meet is a frontend code which uses lib-jitsi-meet. Which is the lib communicating with the xmpp server and doing all the webrtc part.