Does Jitsi need NGINX?

I recently installed Jitsi.
I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and running only Jitsi.
My question is
Why should I use nginx or apache?
Since Jitsi is opening normally?

You might have intalled the legacy desktop client. Jitsi Meet is a server side component which has a web frontend, so yeah, you need a web server. We recommend nginx.

You have a choice of 3: If you do a new installation from scratch, you can opt to install

  1. NGINX (If the install process finds NGINX installed, it will recognize and install the NGINX relevant configuration)
  2. Apache2 (If the install process finds Apache2 installed, it will recognize and install the Apache2 relevant configuration)
  3. Nothing (If the install process finds nothing installed, it will recognize and install the onboard jetty webserver configuration)

Seems you ran into scenario 3…

This was removeed a few stable releases ago.

This means if I understand the documentation correctly:

  • Jetty is no longer used
  • If neither Nginx nor Apache are found, Nginx is installed by default!?

Yep, that’s correct.

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I missed that, sorry! Good to know, thx!

Now I understand, because my VPS had neither Apache nor Nginx.
However it is working normally, so Jitsi installed Nginx alone?

Why doesn’t the nginx -v command work?