Does Jitsi meet our requirements?

Our team is considering using Jitsi.

Our project consists of 2 peers making a video call with recording capabilities.

One peer will use an Android app and the other will be on the Web. Recording is a critical feature of our project.

Given the above description, can we use Jitsi? If yes please provide me a link to docs

Hi @angi and welcome to our community!

Yes, Jitsi can do that. What kind of documentation are you looking for? Are you going to self-host or do you plan to use

Probably host on existing VM. The recordings need to be saved there eventually. I want necessary docs for Android and web/js. I guess a server is required so I want docs for that too. Thank you!

By docs I mean instructions/guides to use the existing Jitsi libraries. If there are demo apps that would be great too.

You can start here: and if you are of the Docker kind:

Jitsi is a ready to use application, you don’t need to develop anything if you don’t want to. The mobile apps are Open Source too:

If you want to integrate Jitsi into an existing web / mobile application, check and

If you have more questions, this is the the place to ask. Cheers!