Does Jitsi meet always needs the videobridge?

I have a general question. I have always understood Webrtc to be a P2P protocol, i.e. the data goes from browser to browser and a server is only required for signaling. With 1: 1 video communication, does Jitsi need a video bridge that distributes the data or is that possible without it?


In P2P calls, the data indeed flows directly between clients, however Jitsi still uses the bridge to send endpoint stats between the two. The bridge doesn’t forward media in those instances.

Yes WebRTC is a point to point technology but it can be extended to handle multipoint and beyond limited use cases, it’s needed to go beyond mere P2P

So, a Jitsi-meet server has 3 main components:

  • for management: prosody (xmpp server for room management) and jicofo (to get users in rooms)
  • for video forwarding: videobridge.

Theoretically you should be able to stop the jitsi-videobridge2 service and 1-to-1 meetings would still work. Sadly it does not work this way.

Anyway, a server is always needed because Jitsi-meet is not a point to point software, P2P here is just a special case whose main purpose is to reduce server load.