Documents on BOSH, MUC, DOMAIN, clientNode etc


Though few of them are self explanatory but do we have any official document on these components BOSH, MUC, DOMAIN, clientNode etc and their usage and configuration etc.

Any help on this will be highly appreciated.

Thank you

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Is this is a paid forum??

I tried to post few question in last one week but its disappointing that I could not get even a single answer…what is point having such community… :frowning:

many of these are XMPP concepts, standardized here, other are Webrtc concepts, standardized here, the Jitsi specific stuff is more or less documented in the doc subdirectories of the main projects (jitsi-meet, jicofo, jitsi-videobridge) here

Thank you very much Patel Sahab. This helps. For a beginner, A, B, C, D also look complex. But this much guidance is more than enough. Really appreciated.

Wow :slight_smile:
Well, I’ll go even further: I’ll give you the gold I was searching since I’m beginning to interest myself info Jitsi-meet - I found it just this morning: this document describing some of the theory of operation of Jitsi-meet, in particular the LastN parameter. Enjoy!

Tussi great ho bhai sahab. Thank you very much once again.

Any reference document to setup MUC, FOCUS etc using Videobridge.