There’s a ton of really good stuff here that a lot of people just aren’t going to bother to figure out. I’ve been poking at my own server installation for days and still can’t find simple answers to what I’d think are very common questions:

  • Exactly what ports are needed open and for what?
  • Can I run Meet on a port other than 443? How?
  • How does all the software added by the installer fit together?
  • Can I run Meet behind a reverse proxy? How?

I realize some of these questions are somewhat general to every internet server you may wish to deploy but they’re common items usually easily found on the project’s web site.

I also know documentation is not glamorous and is a difficult thing to do with software that is a rapidly changing target.

I really think Jitsi/Meet/etc. are the solution I’m looking for. If only I could manage to make it run!


Ports used and needed is already mentioned in the quick-install guide
This is a web based app and by default is running on port 443, you can always run it on other port and proxy it … it just need to be https, this is a webrtc requirement, this is only for serving the web content and communicating with the signalling part (the xmpp server) for jvb and media content you need udp and tcp, so proxy will not work.
In the manual install doc there is an overview of the system and different components