Documentation update & Bridge websockets (do I need to?)

Hi, I just installed the Ubuntu package following the documentation.

curl http://localhost:8080/about/version

I had to search this forum, the installation was not working out-of-the-box. Not sure why it’s not in the documentation?

Now my question is do I need to enable websockets after installing the Ubuntu package version listed above? Maybe it will fix the issue I am facing, lots of users said that the audio is not working, they need to refresh the page. I get this error in the log:

[modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <qr._send>: Bridge Channel send: no opened channel.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Is this an additional JVB or a JVB which is on the same server with JMS?

@emrah One server, everything install on a single instance using the doc:

Tested port 10000 udp works && tcp 4443 is open too.

I am using the embed version:
new JitsiMeetExternalAPI(domain, options);

Do you have a public FQDN and a trusted certificate?
How did you test UDP/10000?
There may be another service on port 10000


ngrep -q 'is accessable' udp port 10000
echo 'yes, it is accessable' | nc -u 10000

No other service is using 10000 UDP - the instance is only for jitsi, installed and configured exactly like the documentation + the 2 missing steps listed in my initial post. Like I said, I have video (poor quality even if ideal 1080, share screen gray or low fps even if configured at min,max 30) and audio is kind of working when refreshing the page. So I think I am close… but the question remains: Do I need to configure websocket (in the FAQ section) or not if I followed the documentation?


When JMS and JVB is on the same server, it’s already configured, no need to do anything extra for websocket

Is TCP/9090 available for JVB?

Yes, but like @damencho said in another topic: That is not a requirement to be publicly accessible, but needs to be accessible from nginx.

Like I said, I followed the documentation step by step on a instance that have only jitsi installed. That would be nice if someone can answer why the documentation doesn’t have those 2 steps required to make jitsi works: Room crashes when anyone trys to join - #22 by urz

^ also wondering if it’s because of this modification that I have some issues with audio and video / screen poor quality.


Because no need to those 2 steps