Documentation for lib-jitsi-meet and preferH264 question



We’re developping a client using lib-jitsi-meet and have been looking at the documentation here.

According to that, options such as preferH264 need to be passed to the JitsiMeetJS.init(options). There must also be a call to jitsiConnection.initJitsiConference(name, options) with a different set of options.

In the first object, we were passing various properties to do with h264 and screensharing. While the latter worked, h264 wasn’t - we were getting VP8. However, passing the relevant (H264) properties to the second object seems to work. .

I haven’t looked at the code yet, so cannot tell if I’ve made some mistake in the setup, but I thought it’s very strange that right now we have both screen-sharing and H264 working, but by following what the documentation says only when it comes to screen-sharing. It seems like the documentation might be outdated. I thought I’d share to save other people some grief if this is a general issue and not something to do with our project.

Also, the documentation says that addTrack(track) is called with a track argument, whereas the current version of the code seems to expect a 2nd boolean argument, which does make it look like it might .not be in step with the code.