Document caméra : image reversed

I have recently got an Optoma Document Camera for my courses in distant leraning where i use Jitsi.

I have plugged the Camera by USB and when starting the Jitsi session, I have my webcam and the document camera available in the camera menu.

But when I select the document camera , the image is reversed in the choice window but also when it is displayed on the screeen.

Is there a way to revert it in Jitsi ?

i’'m not sure what you are talking about exactly, but did you try to right-click in the small vignette uppper right of the screen and click ‘flip’ ?

No I have not seen this menu in the small vignette showing “me” !

I have clicked and … woo oh Flip has made a great job and my image is right normal !

Thanks a lot @gpatel-fr