Docs question: Migrating away from nginx multiplexing

From [FAQ · Jitsi Meet Handbook]:

  • In /etc/prosody/conf.avail/your-conf.cfg.lua prosody is instructed to announce turns turn server on port 5349 by having this line: { type = "turns", host = "your-domain", port = "5349", transport = "tcp" } . Make sure you replace your-domain with the DNS of your deployment.

It’s entirely unclear to me where this line should go, and I see no similar lines in the file currently. Can anyone help me with this, and can I contribute to the docs somewhere to improve this?

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The file referenced is your prosody config file in that directory with your_domain_name.cfg.lua.

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Sure, I’ve found the file. I just don’t know where in the file to put this line, the docs are lacking some context. I don’t see any components in that file that look like they might be relevant to announcing a TURN server.

You don’t see something like this?

turncredentials = {
  { type = "stun", host = "", port = "3478" },
  { type = "turn", host = "", port = "3478", transport = "udp" },
  { type = "turns", host = "", port = "5349", transport = "tcp" }

I don’t think this is the best approach. Using TCP/443 for both web and turn but with a different FQDN may be better. So 60-jitsi-meet.conf like this one and keeping TCP/443 for turns in prosody config is the way to go according to my experiences

No. Interestingly, some STUN servers (including the local one) seem to be listed in config.js, but that’s the only place I see that. Maybe the setup dates back to before the STUN/TURN servers were announced by prosody? This certainly is an old deployment.

Wow… that must be really old. Because these entries have been part of prosody config for several versions now.