Docker on Unraid using pfSense HAProxy (separate box) for Reverse Proxy

Thanks for the support!

I’m using Unraid and have used spaceinvaderOne’s guide to setup Jitsi on my server. I am not using LetsEncrypt as a Docker, but providing SSL via my firewall. I can go to :8000 and access Jitsi.

I have a HAProxy setup on my pfSense firewall. It is working for (I get the cert.)

I have setup DNS for successfully.

When I go to I get the SSL cert, I just end up with a 503 Service Unavailable.

What I think is happening is that I do not want to setup SSL on Jitsi, that’s being handled by pfSense on the WAN side, but Jitsi is still trying to get :8443 to work, but I don’t have anything setup for that.

Is there an easy configuration method to use just 8000?

My .env is setup with HTTP_PORT=8000 and HTTPS=8443 and PUBLIC_URL= and DOCKER_HOST_ADDRESS=

I did try to setup Let’s Encrypt but it didn’t seem to do anything/work.

Any assistance or links to review would be appreciated.

As a PfSense user id go to there forum and ask there

Fair enough. Serves me right for trying to mix and match things. Have a good day.

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No trust me I know where your coming from and pfsense is a hard one to try it with or shall I say the hardest lol

All the best .

Another pfsense haproxy user here. Tried the shit out of it. Abandoned it and went to caddy reverse proxy. Worked like a charm.