Docker on Synology Nas configuration - continuous disconnect

I am a newbee in both docker and jitsi, I want to dig myself to fix my install pb. So far I succeded to get the home page but as soon as I “start” a meeting I enter an endless disconnection cycle.
I googled a lot, and I found a good bag of options to check, but I failed for each one.

So I believe now that my pb is a big newbee mishapp, and I need some expert orientation.
I do not know what would be of help for you to better spot my pb, ask me whatever that could be usefull

for now I listed below the “docket container ls” output: (I am sure you will see already something strange)

CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                       COMMAND   CREATED        STATUS        PORTS                                              NAMES
b8465336e1bb   jitsi/jvb:stable-6865       "/init"   43 hours ago   Up 43 hours>4443/tcp,>10000/udp   docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6865_jvb_1
bab3c6c71086   jitsi/jicofo:stable-6865    "/init"   43 hours ago   Up 43 hours                                                      docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6865_jicofo_1
e0550d2eb8ad   jitsi/prosody:stable-6865   "/init"   43 hours ago   Up 43 hours   5222/tcp, 5280/tcp, 5347/tcp                       docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6865_prosody_1
6b70004e6644   jitsi/web:stable-6865       "/init"   43 hours ago   Up 43 hours>80/tcp,>443/tcp        docker-jitsi-meet-stable-6865_web_1

Thank you to have read my post !