Docker Jitsi not update changing to defaults files

I run docker jitsi without problems.
Now I would change file to add some lines about videobridge. I edit the file in jvb/defaults/
After edit, I delete all docker images and the .jitsi-meet-cfg directory.
But when I compile with docker-compose up -d and I see the file in .jitsi-meet-cfg/jvb/ or in the config directory of jvb image, I see always the old file without the lines I have added.

I wrong in something?
Thank you.

Anyone can help me?

JVB uses a new config file, jvb.conf, so you’ll want to add things there. There is still some support/use of for legacy reasons, but we’re migrating over to jvb.conf.

And this jvb.conf file will be available in the new stable release?

For now I have found that for jvb I can add a to add things and it works.

But the problem remains for jicofo, because there is not a custom file as jvb and I have to put manually lines in .jitsi-meet-cfg/jicofo/
And every time i delete .jitsi-meet-cfg directory I have to put that line again manually.

jvb.conf is there and isn’t going away, yes. I think params for docker are supposed to be set as env variables and you should change those if you want them to stick, I don’t know if there’s a way to have a local file you can edit and have it remain. @saghul can answer better.