Docker-jitsi-meet stun/turn setup

Hello all,

i have a running docker-jitsi-meet instance with traefik as a reverse proxy. To circumvent nasty firewalls I wanna configure my stun server that is running on the same machine on a separate IP (free IP for turn on 443). Just as an info, I’am using the same turn server successfully for a bigblueutton instance (that is running on a different machine).

My configs:




mod_turncredentials.lua is existing:


I activated the module:

sed -i -e ‘/“conference_duration”;/a’ -e ’ “turncredentials”;’ .jitsi-meet-cfg/prosody/conf.d/jitsi-meet.cfg.lua

And I restarted the services:

docker restart jitsi-meet_prosody_1 jitsi-meet_jicofo_1 jitsi-meet_web_1

After start my looks like:

My problem now is that jvb shows errors on logs and I don’t see any thing going on in my turnserver logs when I open a conference with jitsi-meet.

jvb errors:

Jul 14, 2020 7:51:32 AM org.jitsi.utils.logging2.LoggerImpl log
SEVERE: Health check failed in PT0S:
java.lang.Exception: Address discovery through STUN failed
at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.RecurringRunnableExecutor.runInThread(
at org.jitsi.utils.concurrent.RecurringRunnableExecutor.access$000(

There isn’t any outgoing UDP/TCP traffic blocked on the machine. I even disables firewall complete for a test. I have no clue anymore why its not working. It would be great if anyone could give me a hint what the problem could be.

PS: secure domain is configured

Thx to all in advance