Docker Jitsi-Meet and Port 1000

I am trying to install the Docker version of Jitsi-Meet on a Centos 7 VPS server on which I am already running Webmin/Virtualmin, which runs on Port 10000. However, I appears that JVB or the videobridge requires the use of that port. Is there a way to change the default address for Jitsi? If so, can you point me to the correct file to edit and the correct edit? It seems like the Docker version file locations are much different. Thanks!
More Info: It appears to relate to the userland proxy on 10000. I don’t know what that is. (Error starting userland proxy: listen udp I found another post that mentioned changing it in sip-communicator-properties, but that doesn’t seem to do it.

you can use JVB_PORT to change the JVB udp port

you can see it in this env example:

Thank you very much for your quick response and your help! I really appreciate it.