Docker Jitsi Customisation files

Hi, i’ve seen that in the normal version of jitsi-meet, there is an config folder etc. tho i couldn’t find it in the docker version. I might be blind, im sorry then, but from what i’ve seen so far its not there. i have 4 stacks, jitsi_jicofo_1, jitsi_jvb_1, jitsi_prosody_1 and jitsi_web_1

The only “jitsi-meet” folder i found was in jitsi web, but its kinda missing stuff compared to the “normal” jitsi meet

Look for the .jitsi-meet-cfg folder, or anything else that is specified here: docker-jitsi-meet/env.example at master · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub

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Thank you, found it!