Docker Jigasi on amd64 and arm64?

Hi there,

We are looking to update our Jitsi infrastructure to be deployed via docker on amd64 and/or arm64 chipsets. However I noticed the following note on your docker github page…

Starting with stable-7289-1 the published images are available for amd64 and arm64 with the exception of jigasi.

Has this been updated yet? can docker jigasi be deployed on docker amd64 and arm64? or does it still need to be intel chips for this?

Looks like from some release notes that ARM may be supported from stable-7439?

What about AMD?

Many thanks!

Ops, my bad, I missed to update that. Starting with 7439 all components are supported in arm64 as well as amd64.

Excellent, thank you for confirming