Docker Jibri recording quality drops after some times

I have configured docker Jitsi and Jibri on the same server. three jibri containers are running. we have tested parallel calls and it’s working fine. but after 3 weeks there’s an issue with jibri recordings. As a example, three parallel calls took and video quality drops in two calls.

Server : CPU - 3, RAM - 32GB

Resources utilization during three calls.

CPU - 50% to 60%
RAM - 15GB
Network - 2Mbps

Video quality results

  1. first call - running without any issue
  2. second call - video quality low and high latency
  3. third call - all recording servers are busy and the recording failed

When this happens we have restated jibri containers. and the issue was solved.

but we need to identify the root cause of this issue.

Please support this.

That CPU is too low to host Jitsi and Jibri on the same server.