Docker installation on Ubuntu: you have been disconnected

Setting up a dockerised version on a 64 core Dell server running Ubuntu 20.04 has run into trouble I cannot get my head round this. Spent hours checking to no avail: Site is up; meeting rooms opens; prompt to allow camera and microphone appears, but then message: you have been disconnected pops up and loops.

Console attached. Help please! (10.6 KB)


what git jitsi version are you on? Are you behind NAT? I just went through this for jitsi git jitsi-meet-stable-5765. Can you post the changes to .env?


Hi Jim,
Thanks for responding.
As to git jitsi version, I installed this two weeks ago and am now trying to figure out the version installed.
I am not behind NAT. Will post changes to .env. and other details shortly.

Hi JIm, says version 5390 version 3 at the top.
myenvmodifications.txt (10.6 KB)

Any suggestions, please?

Hi, just noticed there was a category for docker and have moved my post. I see others there is a similar thread which I will explore now. Sorry for the confusion.