Docker Image Updates and custom config


I am not the docker expert but chose this approach since it is obviously the easiest to get things up and running… Thx btw for this great product… love it.

So far: I cloned from github and started the images with docker-compose up -d. Then I updated some configs in for example ~/.jits-meet-cfg and the .env file.

What will happen if the source images from docker hub are updated. How do I get the latest versions and how do I make sure that my personlized configs are not lost.

On the github page ( in the readme there is a section called “Build instructions” - maybe this will solve my problem - building the images locally?



I would love to hear what people are doing.

I have everything as IaC but Jitsi can be a little difficult. The goal is to just be able to change the container version number and boom, onto the next version.

What I have had to do with Jitsi since the .env, web/config.json, web/interface_config.json and I believe one of the jvb config files have changed in the past (not every time) is, in addition to updating the containers we also pull down the latest versions of those files and merge them, make any changes we need then add them to the IaC.

It is pretty nice after you clean up after the upgrade.

I wrote an extended blog post on my experiences doing a recent Docker deploy here that covers these issues, including duplicating (not forking) the public jitsi-meet repo. Hopefully that will be of some use to you or to others in this position.