(docker/ iframe) using my custom CSS

Hi all,

I’m trying to customise the CSS of my self-hosted jitsi-meet server.

In order to make as little changes as possible, I regenerated all.css an changed the Dockerfile of the web container to replace the original one with my custom one. I believe this step is running OK, because when I open a terminal to this container I get my css file.

The problem is that when I import the ‘external_api.js’ from the server, it keeps referencing the CDN one (https://web-cdn.jitsi.net/meetjitsi_6776.3542/css/all.css?v=6776.3542).

I believe I am missing some configuration, but I can’t understand which one.

You are passing meet.jit.si as external api target.

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve been searching for that configuration but can’t find it.
Where should it be?

After re-reading my question, don’t know if I was clear enough: I am able to retrieve the external_api.js from the correct server with an adress like “X.X.X.X:8443/external_api.js”… The link I mentioned is the one loaded after the iFrame is created.

How do you invoke the Iframe API?
This is the example that uses meet.jit.si jitsi-meet/api.html at cdb2436b731d948903b12e19fef2e4cbc8da0017 · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

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Thanks,it was it.