Docker: How can I transfer recordings after recording is completed?

Maybe it’s because of this heat or I’m stupid, but my brain is hitting a wall.

I’m not very familiar with Docker but I have jibri running on it and successfully recording.

I have a separate server running a self-hosted jitsi-meet which jibri connects to on a separate server with docker. I’m just running into the issue of how do I transfer the recording directory (like rsync) after it finishes recording to my network storage?

I ran docker cp to copy the directory to my server which is connected to network storage that it does not have access to. So I have to copy it manually to the server to my user, then transfer it to network storage.

Any ideas?


There is an option to execute a sh-script after finishing the recording:
search for finalize_recording_script_path

Here you can put an sh-script to transfer your videofile to another location, for example.

Is this in the docker or on my jitsi install?

I figured it out after research.

Added a volume to jibri.yml that dumps directly to network drive on the host machine.