[docker-based] Deploy a user-system into jitsi

OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Spanish user (this message has been translated by GTranslate), so sorry if it not english perfect.


Currently I have jitsi running through a docker container and I would like to develop a user registration and management system to establish which users can or cannot create videoconference rooms, as well as which users must be moderators of the rooms (for example, the creator of the room or whoever decides to assign).

I have seen that, for the moderation part, a token can be established, but I do not know very well where or how I have to do it.

On the part of user registration and management, I also saw a thread open in this same forum ( https://community.jitsi.org/t/jitsi-dev-jitsi-meet-video-conferences-with-a-custom- gui/12753/2 ) which is very similar to what I am looking for, but the thread is dead.

Any suggestions on how I should deal with it?