Docker and letsencrypt

hi there,

i still get an selfsigned-error, but in the log of the container, i get:
020-03-25T10:01:13.022871868Z Plugins selected: Authenticator standalone, Installer None
2020-03-25T10:01:13.665908816Z Obtaining a new certificate
2020-03-25T10:01:14.403350863Z Performing the following challenges:
2020-03-25T10:01:14.403370551Z http-01 challenge for xxxxxx
2020-03-25T10:01:14.406891494Z Waiting for verification…
2020-03-25T10:01:27.564575046Z Cleaning up challenges
2020-03-25T10:01:29.683502001Z IMPORTANT NOTES:
2020-03-25T10:01:29.683560948Z - Congratulations! Your certificate and chain have been saved at:

i stopped all the containers and started them again, but still like this.

was did i misunderstand?


try deleting the config folder, this gave me a lot of trouble

THE config-folder? you mean ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg/ ?

@gbelvedere you are right, that solved the issue, thanks a lot

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