Do you have to use a subdomain for jitsi installation?

Hi, I already have a website on a Debian server running Apache with its own domain name which uses https using letsencrypt. I see the tutorial (/blog/new-tutorial-installing-jitsi-meet-on-your-own-linux-server/) and most examples of jitsi have a subdomain such as for jitsi. I was wondering if I could just use a URL such as

With the scenario described above I imagine I could skip the editing the DNS record, getting letsencrypt, configuring the firewall and maybe even GPG steps in the tutorial. My main aim is not reducing work but reducing my exposure to areas which I do not really understand. I can add web pages to my site but I have never added subdomains. I do have SSH access and can use sudo. For security I could password protect the page which exposes jitsi (/meet).