Do you have annotation feature for Jitsi Meet or it's documentation

Do you have any documentation for Annotation like draw on a video call with the show on participants?

Like, Hats for Jitsi Meet


HI there,

No, we don’t have such features, sorry.

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So, How Hats for Jitsi Meet work?

Any documentations?

That is not implemented. Is a GSoC proposal.

So, As of now we don’t have any feature like, we draw something on our screen and participant should see that except etherpad jitsi.



I had the same question. So sad to see that it was not developed yet. DO IT SOON GUYS!


That really would make Jitsi a serious competitor to Zoom. It’s the only reason I’m not using it.


Yes same reason. Annotation is very useful for a more interactive, collaborative meeting.


There is a chance to be implemented in near future this annotation feature in jitsi?

You can customised it, or create another service and bind it with Jitsi.

They’re not sure when it will publicly available.

We don’t have plans to implement this in the near future. If you have your own Jitsi installation you can use the ep_draw plugin with Etherpad and connect it to a WBO instance: (you can follow the discussion here: