Do URL parameters work on


I’m trying Jitsi Meet since last week using site and mobile apps.

When about 5 users are connected, the audio quality drastically decreases.

After some search, I found there are URL options to controll audio quality.

My question is this: Do these URL parameters work on, or only work on installed Jitsi server?

Thank you in advance!

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That depends on which config var you’re referring to. If you have your own installed Jitsi server, then obviously you can change any of it. If you’re using a service hosted by someone else e.g., then you can override configs (using URL params or IFrame API options) if they have been whitelisted. See jitsi-meet/configWhitelist.ts at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

Yes, they work on

This can help

Jitsi URL Generator

Hi, thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

Well, I’m considering to setup an instance of Jitsi Server, but, before that, I’d like to test if Jitsi can meet my quality requirement through site.

I’d like to test these parameters:

and optionally these parameters:

I’ve checked the URL you linked, but I was unable to fully understand the page.

How can I whitelist a key on
Is there any way to know the current config of

Thank you

Thank you for the reply!

Could you please tell me how I can check if the given URL parameters are applied?

For example, I’ve tried #config.defaultLanguage=ko but the interface is still in English.

Thank you for the URL Generator :slight_smile: )

However, I have a question.

Does this generator page contain all available option for now?

I’d like test config.stereo and config.p2p, but the page didn’t contain options related to these features.

There is an explanation at the bottom

Oh, I missed that part;

I will check it first. Thank you!

I think there’s some interplay with the browser’s default language setting. Try clearing your cache or testing in private mode.

This does not work on users that have already visited before and have their language preference stored in browser. To override that, you will have to use ?lang=ko.

Some details here: