Do not install app on mobile

Good morning, we are conducting tests integrating jitsi on our website, when generating a room we send an email with the link, when opening it from a mobile, requesting to install the application (android or iphone), there is the possibility of accessing the web, or whether or not you request to install the app

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Not yet, but that will be coming.

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@saghul any rough ETAs on when that would be possible of having the mobile browsers work?
i am in a time-sensitive project and eventually would need the mobile browser to work with the jitsi meet app deployed on our own srv.

If you don’t pay don’t expect an ETA.

not sure if @saghul means that in fact.

@gpatel-fr are you kiddin me? what’s the harm in asking if something is in queue for a community product?

no you are not asking for this, you are asking for an Estimated Time of Action. Tis well known that in Open Source it’s ready when it’s ready.

OK thanks
let’s stay tuned

SDorry @Fahad_Bilal I don’t have an ETA. What I can say is that some Safari fixes needed to be made prior to this and those were made last week, so we’re at least closer.

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