Do not hide buttons for moderator or selective users


I have removed blue Invite users button and many other buttons like security, mute-everyone, help, download, videobackgroundblur etc.

Because of these none of the participants have this buttons in their UI which is expected. Now, is there a way to show all these buttons only for the moderator. Or is there a way to selectively show some button for some users?

Thank you

I think you may want to look into JWT Tokens for this possibility.

I don’t see how JWTs would help with UI modifications @Freddie ?

@jitsiuser3 You can definitely add a custom Javascript, e.g., in body.html, that modifies the interfaceConfig object depending on the participant role ( isModerator() ). You will probably need to wait until the conference/connection has been setup before checking the role.

With JWT Tokens, you can specify features by role.

Do you know if there is a list or documentation of features that can be enabled using JWTs somewhere? I was under the impression enableFeaturesBasedOnToken could only be used for limiting access to screen-sharing and recording.

EDIT: Found this post JWT features options - #2 by emrah but there may be more features by now?

You can use the external API and use different overrides for different users.

Hi @saghul is there an example for this?

You can start by looking here: IFrame API · Jitsi Meet Handbook