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@emcho Hey give us a shout out on the next Community Call this upcoming Monday. We hope to be there with you.

Ok - I get what you are trying to do. And it looks nice. But you are violating the Apache license under which Jitsi has been released.

Your piece on scaling is a verbatim copy of this commit - I happen to know because I actually wrote that part of the documentation. Please add the necessary license files and remove your copyright claim.


Sure man. Did not mean to infringe in any way. We are glad to work together with you to fix these issues.

Can u please provide us with help. Can u also join our documentation team. We would be glad to have you onboard.

Where did we mess up. I think it with using your logo our website, and also copying some of your docs in our documentation.

Can u please give me a list of infringements so I can get them solved ASAP. Or you advice to shutdown the entire site.

I am not part of the Jitsi team. I have made but one contribution to it - and that contribution is now part of everything else. Jitsi is licensed with the Apache license. Please read up on what you are allowed to do and how to correctly re-use the content (this being open source, you are actually allowed to use it, just adhere to the license)

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OK thanks … I can see you work with these guys

I have seen your ansible deployment on github
Would like to have a chat with you on such large scale deployments. Let how I can get a chance to talk with you you.

My email is

Hey @iongraphix

Thanks for the effort. Yes, the parts pointed by @jcfischer are indeed problematic. Use of the logo and name in such a way … especially with a copyright label are also quite a problem. So is any copy/pasting from jitsi without respecting the terms of the Apache 2.0 license.

We’ll be publishing a list of “powered by jitsi” logos for use by those who want to refer to the project.

On a separate note, if you believe that our documentation needs improvement (which it certainly does) you are most welcome to send PRs. Like @jcfischer and many others have. This is the best way to ensure documentation is easily findable by everyone.

Hope this helps

Thats wonderful. We did not mean to cause any harm. We are glad you like it. We are dedicated to keep working even harder to support your cause bro! Kindly show us some love and give us a star on

We will fix all those issues and check in with you. We are currently working on some tools for the community to make configuring jitsi-meet and jibri very very easy.

PS: Great naming by the way. I love it! Thanks in advance.

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every thing has been fixed now, you can check it out here and here