DNSSEC and IRC issue


jitsi-desktop works fine since yesterday with DNSSEC and unbound or
Now it refuses to work. Errormessage says that the domain of my prosody server dts.alstercom.de is protected by DNSSEC but the information jitsi gets from DNS server is not the same as DNSSEC information.
If i disable the DNSSEC check i can connect to my prosody server but after dialing a errormessage says that there can no relay be found and quits.
Any idea what is going wrong? jitsi-desktop runs on latest debian 9 with jdk8


it should be ICE not IRC.
I tried with WIN7. The Erromessages are more human readable. They show that it is not a DNSEC issue. Jitsi does not accept certificates from digicert and let’s encrypt because they are not valid, it says.
But my certificates are valid and work fine with other apps. Jitsi tries to connect to download.jitsi.org, but i have nothing to do with download.jitsi.org and it is not a xmpp-server.
Any ideas how to get jitsi work with certificates?
Perhaps it is a good idea to implement DANE checks.