DNS queries to callcontrol.FQDN?

Hi all,

I recently installed a Pi-Hole on my network. While looking at its status I noticed a few thousand requests to callcontrol.(domain) as well as callcontrol.router.home. I did a netstat to see if my problematic person was trying to poke at it again (every time he gets a new IP) and
that wasn’t it; but java was reporting high usage.

I restarted jitsivideobridge service and it stopped.

Is thus related to jigasi? I tried to do SIP integration but never got it to work. But I’d also like to know if I should just make an entry in local DNS so callcontrol.FQDN resolves. If I should, do I use wan or local IP?

You can just delete the component entry from prosody config if you are not using it.

I figured I could, I thought about uninstalling Jigasi but I can’t remember what was actually needed since the install was done via apt.

It’s now only occasionally asking for that domain…once every 5 hours instead of once every 10 seconds. The VM is due for a reboot due to updates…so I’ll jump in my prosody config and take it out since I forgot to do that 5 months ago in my hurried state.

Thanks. Jitsi has been working very well for my use case and the only complaints I get from people are usually related to browser and internet connections. I have a couple of “daily Zoomers” who are actually impressed at how well the self-hosted Jitsi runs.