Django and Jitsi

I am working with a non-profit to get a web app and with jitsi meet for volunteers and students. We need to limit access to our own jitsi server. I plan to use Django for the site. Can Jitsi and Django be used on the same server? Should I create a user for the Jitsi Meet and then a user for the Django Project?

My goal is to store all the meeting data (rooms, participants, participant duration in the meetings, etc) in the Django SQL database. I am hoping that way I can completely limit access to the Jitsi Meet aspect to requests from inside the Django App after users are authenticated.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Search for JWT authentication
See unofficial jitsi-school-installer

Thanks emrah,

I am going to give it a shot now. I am curious though. Your docs mention not to use it on a production server. Can you let me know why or a basic idea of what I would need to do to make it useable on a production server?

I suspect when the document says “Don’t use it on a working production server” it means don’t run the installer script on top of an already installed production server. In other words, the script automates the installation from scratch, but does not handle upgrades/updates.

I see no reason why it cannot be used to install a server that can be used in a production capacity.

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Thanks Shawn. I appreciate the response. I have to admit I am having a bit of fun trying to figure this all out.

Moi aussi j’aimerais savoir comment integrer Jitsi avec Django, je comprend pas la documentation