displayName undefined using lib-jitsi-meet with JWT

Hey guys,

I’m implementing my own jitsi meet client right now using lib-jitsi-meet with JWT.
The token verification and audio is working fine but I can’t get the displayName because it’s undefined.

To get the displayName I’m trying to use the USER_JOINED event but in the callback displayName is undefined. I’m hoping that somebody is able to help.

_botType: undefined
_conference: X {eventEmitter: c, options: {…}, eventManager: b, participants: {…}, connection: c, …}
_connectionStatus: "active"
_displayName: undefined
_hidden: false
_id: "af960aae"
_jid: "test@muc.jitsi.example.com/af960aae"
_properties: {}
_role: "moderator"
_statsID: undefined
_status: undefined
_supportsDTMF: false
_tracks: []
__proto__: Object
  "context": {
    "user": {
      "id": "cjvio1hke000r0809ka52bonk",
      "name": "sapkra",
      "avatar": null
    "group": "cjvivn2rv002p0809f51c7tet"
  "aud": "my_server",
  "iss": "my_client",
  "sub": "jitsi.example.com",
  "room": "*",
  "iat": 1558405635,
  "exp": 1558405695