Display other meeting particpants while screen sharing

It’s a bit lonley when you’re sharing your screen but you can’t see the other participants.

When hosting a meeting and sharing my screen, how can I continue to view the other meeting participants?

I can only see two possible options:

1.On a single screen setup, share an application window, make it half size, then keep Jitsi half size too, so I can see the meeting participants. The issue is, participants will be only see a half sized screen that I share.

  1. On a dual screen setup, share one screen with particpants, keep the other screen to view the participants. My question though, is it possible to share a single screen? I’ve seen some other posts that this isn’t possible as Chrome can’t see how many screens you have.

Any other solutions?

I agree that this is a current shortcoming. The solutions mentioned by RJJ seem somewhat awkward. Google Meet displays thumbnails at the upper right of the screen enabling the presenter to toggle between the presentation content and the presenter’s screen. It’s not as good as being able to see the content and the participants at the same time, but it would seem to be an improvement. Any other thoughts from anyone on how to do this?

As an example, I think Zoom’s side-by-side mode achieve this:

RJJ, can you elaborate on how you do this with a single screen? I tried this and the half-sized application covers the half-sized jitsi window, so I would again be unable to view the participants. I tried chrome’s “dualless” extension which splits the screen, but that doesn’t seem to help either.

Thanks much.

So I set the Chrome window with Jitsi to be half size (Windows key + right arrow) than I set my other application that I wanted to share to the other half of the screen (Windows key + left arrow)

Make sense?

Sorry to belabor this, but here’s what happened when I tried this. You can see the content reduced to half size on the right, but when I share the application it covers the half sized window containing jitzi meet on the left: