Display name in other language with jibri

One of participant display name is in Thai, and when Jibri records it shows as squares. see image.
I think it has to do with something missing on jibri server.
any idea?
all other users see it correctly.

Probably the font is missing and the chrome running on the jibri machine cannot render it.

@emrah I am using jitsi cluster template, please help how to install fonts for jibri,
I am unable to attach lxc-attach -n eb-jibri
thank you.

sorry my mistake i can with lxc-attach -n eb-jibri-1
Already done, in case someone else need:
wget https://linux.thai.net/pub/thailinux/software/thai-ttf/thai-ttf-0.4.17.tar.gz tar xzf thai-ttf-0.4.17.tar.gz
cd thai-ttf-0.4.17 sudo cp *.ttf /usr/share/fonts/TTF
sudo cd /usr/share/fonts/TTF sudo mkfontdir && sudo mkfontscale
$ sudo fc-cache -f -v

Hello @kkd,

The running Jibri instances (eb-jibri-N) are created temporary and destroyed after the shutdown. If you want to make a change permanent for the Jibri instances, you need to add it to the template (eb-jibri-template)

Do do this:

  • Stop all running Jibri instances
systemctl stop jibri-ephemeral-container.service
lxc-ls -f
  • Start to run the template
lxc-start -n eb-jibri-template
  • Attach it and change what you want
lxc-attach -n eb-jibri-template
  • Poweroff the template (be careful, do not shutdown the host). In the container
  • Restart the Jibri service
systemctl start jibri-ephemeral-container.service
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