Discussion on using multiple jibri to record multiple videos at the same time

Thanks to the jitsi team for providing us with such an excellent video conference.

I think we all have such needs

For every meeting we have, it’s recorded

The jitsi community provided jibri with video recording, but he was unfriendly

After recording, you need to write your own script to transfer the recording file to a place like Dropbox.

One jibri can only record one video at a time, so we can only start multiple dockers to solve this problem.

But jibrl consumes a lot of resources. Does jitsi team have any good suggestions for this?

My current solution is to record videos locally and hope to hear the voice of the community.

This is the solution https://github.com/daxiondi/WebRTC-Client-Record.git


Updated one which will upload recordings in AWS S3 Buckets
You can add me on skype → itsmaniche18