Disconnecting in 1 min



Hi @damencho @bbaldino,

I have installed Jitsi on my AWS instance and everything is working fine but whenever I create any meeting its get disconnected automatically within 1 minute.

URL: https://jitsi.jollityoys.com/

Could you please suggest if I missed anything in installation. My instance is running on t2.small and I also tried with t2.medium but no luck. (I alllowed all traffic as well in my Inbounds and outbounds.)


The error is “CONFERENCE FAILED: conference.setup_failed Error: ICE fail” you can see it in the js console. In such case its either jvb not announcing correct ip addresses. Checking in chrome://webrtc-internals/ I can see this is not the case:

So it seems ports are not forwarded to the machine, udp 10000 and tcp 4443.


Its working fine, I just allowed these ports, Is there any documentation where all required ports list out so that I can check for other as well.

I allowed 1000:10000/udp and 443/tcp, 80/tcp, 4443/tcp.



Thanks for your response, I followed the same.


Have you added the ports to the aws security group?


No, there I have all traffic allowed for now , but I have allowed in firewall using below command

ufw allow in 1000:10000/udp

ufw allow in 4443/tcp

Is that wrong?


@damencho: have you checked my response?


I just tested and it works fine for me at this moment.


Yes it is working fine now. I just wanted to confirm you that I did correct or anything wrong?


@damencho: Is there anyway so that I can get event like meeting closed or click event of “End meeting” button so that all previous meetings should be clear.

In my case all meetings are listing at front page you can see the list of meetings in this screen:

Link: http://prntscr.com/m05mwv


We are working on a clear button, that will remove those from localstorage. Those meetings are just stored locally in local storage. Running in incognito or clearing localstorage will remove those.


That will clear automatically or need to click on that button?

Also I need to install fresh version then?


Yes, there will be a button to clear it.

You will just need to update currently installed one.


Could you please let me know the local storage / session Storage key name and also let me know the event on which I can trigger so that as user close the browser or tab, all meetings automatically will be clear.

Is there any way by which I can get event when user click on end meeting Icon?


To get the event on hangup button you can use:


You need to clear the localstorage key: features/recent-list.