Disconnected users stay in rooms

I installed Jitsi-meet on my ubuntu 18.04 machine back in April. Didn’t configure anything fancy, out of the box it was just what I needed.
Then after a few weeks in two frequently used rooms some users, who had a disconnect, just didn’t vanish. So I had two rooms on the server, where there were just some dead users already there all the time.
I tried service jicofo/jitsi-videobridge restart, but that didn’t help.
Then there was an update of jitsi-meet and they were gone (I also migrated to nginx at that time). Yay, I thaught, bug fixed. \o/
But two weeks ago it started again. :frowning: (also tried service nginx restart this time)


Probably you are using prosody 0.10, we had reports like that. Upgrading to prosody 0.11 fixes the issue, don’t forget to adjust storage config in prosody config after upgrade.

Ah, I wasn’t aware, that jitsi also uses an XMPP-Server. Restarting that one did the trick, the zombies are gone! \o/
Thank You!
And I’ll also look into updating it to keep it from happening…