Disconnected users are still seen on the meet

The title says it all.

I installed jitsi on a ubuntu server. Didnt change anything on the default installation.

Sometimes people just crash and dislog from the meeting. And that fine. What is not fine is their window be persisted on jitsi meet to other users like in the picture i am sending.
Is there a way to disable it?

I noticed the ‘ghost’ windows only disapear if i restart the server…

I have just tested it with recent unstable - I resetted the computer on one workstation - the timeout is one minute for the ‘ghost’ to disappear. No need to restart the server.

@torugor what version of prosody are you running?

Not sure…is there a command i can make on terminal to check it?

dpkg -s prosody | grep Version

Version: 0.10.0-1build1

Is there a new version that would fix this bug?

you probably use Ubuntu 18.04, on this version you have to use a PPA for that - it’s possible there are numerous posts on this forum (I use 20.04 myself)

I used this tutorial to make my installation. It sugests i use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

If i go through this installation using ubuntu 20.04 will it install the most recent prosody? Is there another tutorial i could use?

And that deployment you can update prosody to latest 0.11.8: