Disconnect to jitsi and stop http binding

Hi, I have the problem that when I call leave and disconnect, I notice that http bind is still running and in chrome/webrtc-internal it’s still there. How can I stop http bind and remove it from chrome/webrtc-internal?

Http-bind has nothing to do with webrtc-internals. To stop it you need to navigate away from the page.
By default on hangup you are redirected to either close page or welcome page.
How do you hangup and disconnect? What do you see after doing that? Are you asking about using directly jitsi-meet or using it through an iframe?

I use lib-jitsi-meet for my custom UI with the react. I’ve seen on meet.jit.si that when I click the hangup button, the page will reload and redirect to welcome page so that the session in chrome/webrtc-internal will disappear. However, in react framework I just change component without reloading page and the session in chrome/webrtc-internal is still be there.

The session there you should ignore, I see same behavior with Google’s hangouts, I see my multiple sessions till I reload the page.

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Thank you for your help