Disallow screen sharing

Hi all,

video and audio can be muted by the moderator but screen sharing is always possible. Can you add an option to the settings menu of the moderator to disallow screen sharing?

The problem in jitsi is that I cannot pin a user sharing a screen or video such that everyone follow that user. Now, if people join a session and share their screen while I have maximized another screen-sharing session, very frequently jitsi will loose the focus and show the new user instead. This is very disturbing and forces me to have 2 jitsi sessions in parallel: 1 for general video communication and another one for sharing screens by all participants.


If you’re hosting your own server, you can achieve this with JWT token.

Thanks, I will try.

Do you have a guide, how to achieve this and what is the name of the property in the token?

Easy solution is to hide screen sharing from users you don’t want to share.
If you are using iframe api it is as easy just add if statement and give your condition

You will need to add enableFeaturesBasedOnToken=true in config.js, then you can allow/disallow features such as screen-sharing, recording, etc based on context.features in JWT token.

For an example, see:

Hi @kkd

Unfortunately, this is not the solution here. EVERYONE is supposed to share screen and everyone except the session manager is supposed to view the screen shared by the manager. The manager views everyone else in tiles. This would allow to collaborate in workshops, e.g. programming, where one advisor presents while everyone else practices under supervision by the advisor. Currently, 2 jitsi sessions are required: one for the advisor to share and one for everyone else to share screen. Where internet bandwidth is limited, having 2 sessions is a show stopper. Plus, the browser with jitsi consumes lots of ressources which are doubled.

You may want to check Jitas

@emrah, Is it possible to remote-control using Jitas without installing jitsi electron app?

No, jitas cannot control the desktop of another participant